Project process

We customize our approach for each client, following a flexible yet structured process to achieve a successful outcome

Starting point

Our goal is to deeply understand the specific needs of your business to provide the optimal solution.

Designed project processes are specifically tailored for each of our services to ensure successful outcomes


Precise project brief

We prioritize understanding your website’s unique requirements, ensuring its purpose is well-defined.

Through a comprehensive question-based process, we gain valuable insights into your business and how we can support you.


Collaborative UX/UI

We value close collaboration and will involve you in the planning and design stage to ensure that the project meets your expectations.

Your acceptance and feedback play a crucial role in shaping this phase of the project.


Moment of truth

Before moving to the implementation, we present you with the completed design.

This is an opportunity for final revisions, and once your approval is given, we proceed to the next phase.


Smooth development

Building upon the approved design, our team of experts initiates the development phase, breathing life into the design with the flawless functionality of every component.


Setup and integration

At the finish line, we ensure a smooth transition by assisting with domain setup or seamless integration of the developed system into your existing infrastructure


Ongoing support

Our application ensures 24/7 protection and security of your digital assets.

Corgi always remains vigilant, ready to address any concerns, and provide timely assistance whenever needed.


Strategic workshops

In the first step, our team of specialists conducts in-depth workshops with you to understand the unique business requirements, challenges, and goals.

Through these collaborative sessions, we gather valuable insights and information to identify key modules and functionalities.


Design and wireframing

Now’s the time for our experienced UX/UI designers to create wireframes and design concepts for your custom application.

Iterative feedback cycles are held to refine the design until it aligns perfectly with your vision.


Solution validation

This is the moment we present the completed design of your custom application.

Your feedback is essential to help us improve the project to meet your expectations



At this step, our team brings the design to life by coding the custom application using the most suitable technologies.


Project maintenance

Our support services are tailored to each project, providing personalized support and ensuring the continued stability of your app.

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